The Medicine Garden

The garden

We are still developing the site and creating a new bed system using a permaculture design which will include beds full of herbs specific to body systems, a bed of endangered herbs and a bed for useful forgotten native herbs. We have a few herbs that we have grown from seed, propagated or have been given but we still need more.

Medicinal herbs are planted in groups according to which part of the body they are used for, for example the respiratory system, digestive system or nervous system with informative signs identifying the plants,with tips for growing.

This year we are planning to replace the dilapidated shed on the community allotment with one more suited to our collective needs. We plan to use natural materials, larch and Douglas fir, to create a small structure in the shaded part of the site. This will include a lockable storage area for tools and a covered amenity space for herb drying and processing, teaching and volunteer use and seating. The structure is designed along permaculture principles with a living roof for the cultivation of medicinal plants, a rainwater harvesting system and walls which will create micro-climates to encourage the growth of mediterranean herbs. We are also very excited to have this opportunity to design and build a beautiful and unusual structure which will inspire and support us in our growing community.

This space will be used to hold skill-sharing events, workshops, seasonal social events and garden meetings.

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