The Medicine Garden

Medicinal Herb Garden Course

This course will run over 6 afternoons from April to October 2015 at St Werburghs Medicine Garden

We hope that this course will leave you feeling confident in planning a medicinal herb garden, permaculture principles, horticultural techniques of propagation, harvesting & preserving herbs and seed saving.  

Sunday, April 12th: Permaculture design in a herb garden

We will introduce you to the garden and the different permaculture ideas behind the design.  Each body system is represented in the garden, and we will explain which herbs are growing in each one and how they can be used. We also discuss how to start a herbal medicine garden of your own.

Sunday, May 10th: Spring Propagation

This workshop will give you an introduction to propagating medicinal herbs in the spring. We will learn the theory and practice of appropriate techniques such as seed sowing, basal cuttings & also talk about which herbs are best harvested in the Spring and how to use them medicinally.

Sunday, June 7th: Summer propagation

Summer is a great time to increase your garden by making new plants from old ones. We will learn the theory of soft wood & semi ripe cuttings, and layering, and put these into practice in the garden.

Sunday, July 12th: Harvesting & preserving herbs

This will be an introduction to good practice of harvesting, drying and preserving herbs by making extracts. The plants in the garden will be at their peak of growth, so we will harvest them and use them make different types of medicines including tinctures and infused oils.

Saturday, September 26th: Seed saving

Seed saving enables us to propagate new plants for free and sustainably grow medicinal herbs. This workshop will give you an introduction to why you would seed save, collection of ripe seeds, seed cleaning and storage, and how to use your saved seed.

Saturday, October 17th: Winter propagation & root medicine

As the garden goes to bed for the year, we will learn about propagation techniques we can use at this time of year – learning the theory and practice of taking root cuttings, dividing plants, and taking hard wood cuttings. It is the perfect time of year to harvest roots and use them to make an immune tonic for the winter.

Teaching will be from 1-3 pm, and then we will work on the garden together from 3-5 pm.

For each afternoon of the course we would ask for 3 work trade hours per session to be completed on the project which could be helping in the garden, propagating plants, leading or coordinating work days, helping with the website etc.

This course is run voluntary and is a collectively run community project.

This course can be booked in its entirety, or as stand alone sessions. To register your place please email: mail (at)

We will have various additional work days throughout the year from February onwards for you to complete work trade hours.