The Medicine Garden

The Medicine Garden

We are group of herbalists and growers, inspired by our love of herbs, who have combined our skills to set up this community medicine garden on an allotment in St Werburghs in Bristol.

The plants in the garden consist of both common and rarer native herbs alongside useful herbs from other countries.

The garden is an educational resource for the whole community. We are gradually planting more and more wonderful medicinal herbs to teach people how to identify the plants and how to harvest them to make medicines. It is important to us that this knowledge is kept alive. We want people to have an opportunity to learn about medicinal plants whilst growing them.

For most of the year we have open days on the first and third Sunday of the month where we work on the garden as well as skill-share. In 2014 we shared information about: the different propagating methods; the medicinal uses of plants for the nervous system and digestive system; harvesting and making infused oils; and how to make medicinal teas and decoctions.

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